We are excited to share that POLYCARP received Best Feature Film, Audience Choice, Best Original Musical Score, and Runner Up for Best Gospel Presentation at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, TX! Read more here: http://ow.ly/L0bjk
I finally have a breather after returning from the Christian Worldview Film Festival to reflect on all that we experienced. Although ending on what turned out to be quite a thrilling evening, it may have been overshadowed by the first screening of Polycarp opening night. The ovation afterwards was overwhelming and totally unexpected. I guess you expect ovations when the winner is announced, but not so much after a screening, so that was special.
Before the awards ceremony it was recommended that we have a prepared speech so in case we did win we wouldn’t stumble over our words without knowing what to say. As awkward (presumptuous) as that felt, it was good advice. I also knew that keeping it short and sweet would be the best approach. I had my list; give glory to God, honor the cast and crew, thank Phillip Telfer for the event, and express my appreciation to Jerica and Joe for their hard work. Although the moments were a blur, I think I covered all the above when speaking after receiving the Audience Choice Award.
What I didn’t do was thank all the individuals that made outstanding contributions toward the production of the film. If I would have, I’m sure I would have left someone out, and then where do you stop? It is a team effort, and everyone’s contribution is critical. Of course the actors are the most conspicuous, especially Garry Nation (Polycarp) and Eliya Hurt (Anna), but all the cast was wonderful and we appreciate them all for their contribution. Of course it was great to see Ben Botkin recognized for his contribution of a great original music score. I also want to recognize and thank a couple other people who contributed their expertise and many hours of hard work on the project, David Cook, our Production Manager, and Scott Eash, our Producer. I must also acknowledge Marcela Shaw and thank her for the research and production design expertise she brought to the project, and Jonathan Hedrick as the Director of Photography for also bringing his eye during production. John-Clay Burnett for implementing his experience as Editor, and Nathan Ashton for all of his work as Audio Designer. I really could go on and on, and now you know why I didn’t do it the night of the awards ceremony. You’ll have to get the DVD and watch the credits for the long list of the many people we are thankful had a part.
Click on the image below to hear what a few of the attendees from the Christian Worldview Film Festival have to say about POLYCARP!
God is truly glorified in the product of the Polycarp movie, and He was glorified in the production process… the answer to our prayers. May He continue to be, and thanks be to Him, most of all.
Jerry Henline
Executive Producer
Read the new article "Polycarp: Exposing the Vanity of Fear" here:  http://ow.ly/L0eis